Man is Greed Devlog #1

The Working world update will be coming soon with a host of new fixes the world and the start of the world becoming better. The game will also be renamed along with the store page being updated with new info with an added new BETTER trailer. The manuel will also be updated with a bunch of things. Did I mention there will be a main menu and better controls that are visable. The UI may stay the same as it is better for it to be simplistic. The Town and buildings will be a lot easier for me to create so new towns and quests will be able to come to the game faster. 

Speaking of buildings, the inside will be a seperate room so I can have the view zoom in making it so you can see the inside of the building and whats going on inside just a bit better.

People, animals, and creatures will also now kill each other/interact with the world if there is something for them to do they will do it if it suits their style.

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Add me for questions, or to play a game with me. Something along those lines.
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A Steam group thingy I have.
[url=]Obscure Studios Steam Group[/url]

My first and terrible game that I made out of passion for no one but myself.


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Nov 24, 2017

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